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B2B Growth, Marketing & Sales
Progressive Automations completely rebuilt their enterprise sales process with ViewIn Revenue AI.


Average Deal Size


Qualified Deals


B2B Sales Cycle

The Client
A leader in DTC linear motion looking to expand to B2B OEMs. 
About Progressive Automations
A leader in the linear actuator space, specialized in automation and motion control products. The company was the first launch a DTC-style online store in 2008, and has since shifted their focus on the B2B OEM market. Looking for guidance on strategic approach and solutions for challenges with customer fit, targeting and ABM.
Medium (51-200 Employees)
Vancouver, Canada
Product Market Fit
Focus Area
AI Implementation
Focus Area
CRM Design
Focus Area
The Problem
Undefined product offering and unfocused ICP hampers ABM efforts.
Progressive Automations wanted to access the lucrative B2B OEM market. Due to the initial B2C focus, the product lineup was highly diverse - as were the types of leads generated by their sales and marketing efforts. 

This made effective targeting extremely difficult due to a lack of industry and segment specific products, expertise and focus. Likewise, the company was loosing deals to more specialized competitors. With a customer base spanning over 60 different sectors, the client initially needed clarity on product market fit, ideal customer profile, as well as sales and go-to-market strategy.

This foundation was necessary to enable the company's B2B ABM aspirations.
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Our Approach
We seek empirical evidence through analysis of both the symptoms and the root cause to design meaningful solutions.
We're engineers of excellence.
Our Solution
Defined ICP and adjusted tech stack enable ABM success.
Starting with an in-depth analysis of growth blockers and review of customer data, we build a shortlist of focus industries which we then narrowed through discussions with the client's revenue teams.

Deploying the ViewIn fit framework, we reviewed sizes, forces and common pain points to develop a fit model from the product up. 

We then reviewed the tech stack, current and future use cases, adoption rates and sources of friction. In conjunction with the client's teams, we selected and implemented new software for tracking, driving and scaling account-based sales: an updated CRM, intent scoring, new tools for building target account lists, a tiering system, end-to-end tracking capability and ViewIn RevenueAI for automating top-of-funnel outreach, nurturing and timely, relevant follow-ups.

Targeting & ABM Strategy

In-depth analysis of the market to locate demand, followed by a bottom-up rebuild of target lists and messaging.

Provides clarity on customer fit, segments and enables effective communication based on a tailored value prop.

ViewIn RevenueAI Implementation

Our end-to-end demand generation model, powered by the latest GPT-4 model. 

Provides a zero-touch framework for assessing fit and hyper-targeted, omni-channel outreach.

Sales Growth Blocker Analysis

Customer and stakeholder interviews to identify both internal and external elements that impede progress.

Provides actionable insights for overcoming these obstacles and facilitating sustainable growth.

Product-Market Fit Analysis

Examines customer needs, market trends, and competitive offerings to determine the alignment between product features and market expectations for optimal market success.

Provides guidance for R&D teams and alignment between products and customers.

Tech Stack Review & Redesign

A review of goals vs capabilities, from CRM to enablement tools, marketing support and effective end-to-end conversion tracking.

Provides a solid foundation with infrastructure that enables growth and does away with manual data entry.

The Results
Increased win rates drive a YoY 62% increase in net new sales.

Starting from the customer, Viewin re-designed the entire enterprise sales process for rapid growth.

  1. Targeting & Fit
    From unfocused to hyper-targeted.

  2. Demand Generation
    From spray-and-pray to intent-driven.

  3. B2B Sales Process
    From opportunity to account-based.

  4. Nurturing & Lost Accounts
    From lost in the CRM to in front of a rep.

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Average quarterly growth in qualified B2B accounts.
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Lost B2B accounts made a repeat purchase due to RevenueAI.
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