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B2B Growth, Marketing & Sales
Alliance Power leveraged ViewIn to develop and execute full-cycle B2B sales frameworks.


CRM Implemented


Revenue Increase


New Clients

The Client
An industrial automation systems integrator start-up aiming to acquire new clients and generate repeatable revenue. 
About Alliance Power
Alliance Power is an industrial automation systems integration firm start-up with a revolutionary and lean approach in bringing automated factories and processes to life. We partnered with Alliance Power to help them remain focused on engineering without sacrificing on growing their client base and maintaining client relationships.
Small (10-49 Employees)
Vancouver, Canada
Sales Frameworks
Focus Area
CRM Design
Focus Area
Sales Growth
Focus Area
The Problem
Non-existing sales frameworks and processes resulting in limited revenue growth potential.
Alliance Power is a powerhouse in providing industrial automation system integration solutions. What they were lacking was the knowledge and expertise in expanding their market share and acquiring new clients. 

Without proper sales & marketing frameworks and processes they were unable to hunt for new clients and relied solely on word-of-mouth to win new projects. This resulted in limited growth potential; growth in terms of revenue and client base. With their target market segments being energy, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, transportation, and food & beverage production industries, their potential was, and still is significant.

By partnering with Viewin to develop and implement a rock-solid foundation to execute on sales and marketing strategies, Alliance Power took the necessary steps forward to begin their growth journey.
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Our Ethos
Our mission is to empower visionary organizations to transcend their limits and achieve extraordinary outcomes.
We're architects of change.
Our Solution
Clearly defined sales growth strategy & tech stack enable new client acquisition at scale.
Our extensive experience in building sales frameworks tailored to meet the growth demands of niche industrial automation engineering companies enabled us to define a clear action plan for Alliance Power.

The first step was a thorough review and analysis of their existing clients, tech-stack, and customer service processes to understand how their limited sales operations were conducted. We then analyzed their overall business operations to uncover potential risks and blockers that could prevent scaling their sales and negatively impact day-to-day operations. 

Post-analysis, we collaborated with the Alliance Power stakeholders to develop and implement the following:
  • A CRM system to manage clients, opportunities, and sensitive data.
  • Software tools for marketing & sales automation, lead generation, and developing target account lists.
  • Frameworks for analyzing sales revenue, gaining insights, tracking metrics, and iterating on sales strategies.
  • Methods of conducting market research & competitor analysis.
  • Guidelines for building sales & marketing teams.

Growth Blocker Analysis

Identifying internal and external elements that impede progress.

Provides actionable insights for overcoming these obstacles and facilitating sustainable growth.

Market Trend Analysis

Examines customer's target markets, market trends, and competitors to provide a holistic overview of their market position. Implements repeatable methods of conducting market research and competitor analysis to enable customers to stay at the forefront of their industry.

CRM Implementation 

Turn-key process in selecting and implementing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

Explores best-fit solutions for customers needs that aligns with their growth strategy.

Marketing & Sales Frameworks

Collaboratively develop sales and marketing frameworks. Leverage ViewIn RevenueAI to implement repeatable and scalable lead generation, prospecting, and opportunity generation processes. Harness the power of automating the foundation of your sales & marketing strategies.

Tech Stack Review & Redesign

Reviewing existing software solutions and proposing a fresh tech stack required to execute newly developed growth strategies.

Provides cost analysis, implementation strategy, and training guidelines.

 Building & Growing Sales Teams

Developing guidelines, identifying best practices, and collaboratively developing training material for building and growing successful sales teams. Understanding how to hire and inspire sales pros, and manage & analyze sales team performance. 

The Results
Fully functional sales department with a repeatable sales process, resulting in predictable revenue growth and new client acquisitions.
At Viewin Advisory Services, our goal is to provide expert consulting services tailored to meet the ever-evolving requirements of our clients. We combined our extensive experience and expertise with the latest solutions to deliver repeatable end-to-end solutions. 

Our successful collaboration with Alliance Power enabled them to kickstart their sales department and journey to achieving repeatable revenue growth and acquiring new clientele.
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Increase in New Clients
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YoY Net New Sales Growth
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